Disable Services on MBWE

I’ve been using Western Digital’s MyBook World Edition (white light) for the last half a year or so. Until recently, everything worked fine but last week I noticed that the disk doesn’t spin down anymore. There seems to be constant activity on the device. Using ssh to log in, I noticed that there are quite a lot of services running which I thought I had disabled previously, including twonkymediaserver and miocrawler.

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Fix Non-persistent Window Size for Thunderbird

For a while (it might have started in the days of Intrepid/Kubuntu 8.10) my Thunderbird window never remembered its geometry between restarts. When starting TB, I always got a small window which I then had to resize to the desired size. No changes to prefs.js seemed to make a difference. Today, I came across a post which pointed me into the right direction. On Jaunty (Kubuntu 9.04), I had to do the following: Open System Settings, click on Window Behaviour in the section Look & Feel.

Holux M-241 Power Consumption

A few months ago, Holux released a new firmware for its M-241 GPS logger. This latest version v1.12 allows to turn off Bluetooth whereas before it was always on – whether used or not. Turning off BT is expected to lower the overall current consumption of the device. But does it really?

To find out more, Oliver and I set out to measure the power consumption. In theory, this is quite simple: Get your hands on a fairly accurate current meter (in our case a Fluke 87), put it in series to the power supply circuit and measure the current in various states.

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Holux M-241 and Rechargeable Batteries

I tested my Holux with rechargeable batteries from Ansmann and can report that they work fine (even on a winter day in the mountains). I’ve used the following type: Ansmann maxE 2100 mAh (it’s a NiMH HR6 with 1.2 V and 2100 mAh)

One problem I noticed though was that the battery diameter is too big meaning that you can get it in but not out again (at least not easily). Removing the wrapper helps. I don’t know whether the battery compartment is too narrow or the battery itself too wide. According to the AA specs, the diameter is supposed to be 14.0 +/- 0.5 mm.