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I’ve been using Western Digital’s MyBook World Edition (white light) for the last half a year or so. Until recently, everything worked fine but last week I noticed that the disk doesn’t spin down anymore. There seems to be constant activity on the device. Using ssh to log in, I noticed that there are quite a lot of services running which I thought I had disabled previously, including twonkymediaserver and miocrawler.

I tried to disable them by doing the following:

chmod 644 /etc/init.d/S97twonkyserver
chmod 644 /etc/init.d/S9M_mionet

So far, without success.

Update (20/04/10): I finally got around to test the fix mentioned in the comments – and it worked!

To summarise, I did the following:

  • log in via ssh
  • edit the file /usr/mionet/monitorCVM.sh
  • add the following lines to the beginning of this file:
  • if [ ! -f "/etc/.mionet_on_startup"  ]; then
            exit 1
  • reboot the device

10 thoughts on “Disable Services on MBWE

  1. You’re not the only one noticing this – it’s been happening on mine for the last week too (hence me hitting your post here via Google). MioNet keeps re-enabling itself, and I get this in the log every half hour:

    MyBookWorld syslog.info miocrawler: checking standby before walking

    Someone else has also posted about it on the Sonos forums – I hope something gets sorted soon because it’s annoying, especially after I’ve had no problems for the last year.

  2. Thanks for letting me know that other people experience the same problems. It’s strange that it just started out of the blue. What would have triggered this change?

  3. It’s really weird isn’t it, especially as the firmware hasn’t been upgraded since November. I’ve checked the WD Knowledgebase, but nothing’s there yet. I’m going to email Support too and see if they have any suggestions.

    Just for info, here’s the Sonos thread I’ve commented in:


    Plus somone else has mentioned it here (albeit with no responses)


  4. I have also suddenly found miocrawler running all the time, and it started 4 days ago. I have twice asked WD support for help but no sensible response to date.

    There must be someone out there who can work out how to stop it (and mionet from running whether disabled or not).

    Any help appreciated… my WD drive is turned off until I can get control of what is running on it.

  5. The original poster in the Sonos forum had a response from WD, pointing to the following forum post:


    If you look at message 14 (by user Batka) he advises adding a line to the mionet script on the NAS to immediately exit if you’ve unchecked the ‘Enable Mionet on startup’ box.

    I’ve just changed my script using ssh as described and will report back later tonight if it’s worked okay.

  6. Two pieces of good news:

    1) The script change I linked to above seems to have resolved the issue for now – my drive went to sleep over 4 hours ago, MioNet hasn’t re-enabled itself, and nothing dodgy is appearing in my log files.

    2) I had a response from WD and it looks like an official fix is in the works.

    === Message from WD below ===

    MioCrawler periodically scans the Shared Pictures folder and creates optimized thumbnail photos to work with WD Photos for iPhone/iPod Touch and will be used by other compliant DLNA devices (Xbox 360, WDTV Live, PS3, etc) soon as well. No information is sent to MioNet about the contents of the folder. MioNet automatically upgraded to version 4.1 at the beginning of April across all installations of MioNet, version 3.6 and up.

    There is currently an issue with the My Book World firmware that causes MioNet to start up despite turning it off/disabling it from startup. There will be a fix for the issue in a future firmware update on the unit itself.

  7. Thanks John and Pete. I intended to try the hack but haven’t had time over the last couple of days. Good to know that it solves the issue. And even better to know that WD is working on a proper fix.

  8. thanks! my device hunp up and i have to switch off whole device. this happens weekly. i hope that your posts will help me. thanks for publishing this in the web!

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